Well, that didn’t last long did it?

No, that’s not “what she said”. I’m talking about my foray into noting down some thoughts on my Masterpiece TF collection.
Truth be told, there are many, and my time has been short.

I was heaped upon at work, no excuse really, but commuting a couple of hours each day added to my weariness. I was also looking for a new role & I’m thankful to have found a new position, in an industry that I have a great dealĀ  of interest in, and a lot closer to where I live.
The net result is that I am finally starting to enjoy life again.

Does this mean that I’ll be writing up my reviews of my MP collection? Probably not. I might have a go at some of the more major figures, MP10 Optimus, MP36 Megatron. You know the score.


Not that anyone reads this shitty column though, eh?

If you do, what do you want to see? Anything? Nothing? Should I give it up as a bit of a lost cause?

Let me know in the comments.

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