Well, it’s been a few months (OK, years) since I last logged in on here. Things have changed a bit haven’t they?
Firstly, I’m surprised I remembered my log-in details. The synthahol doesn’t agree with my microchips any more. Now that I’m back in, perhaps, along with the changes that have happened in the World, Grimlock should act his age a little bit and stop airing his rude bits?
Perhaps this little area should take a different direction altogether. Now that I’ve recalled my log in, I could rant away about the new US President and his egotistical mental attitude, or the ‘every minor bleeding-heart celeb wanting their two-penneth worth on Brexit’ situation.
Perhaps not.

I could also rant on about Nottingham Forest.

I won’t.

I want to take The Wrath of Grimlock down a slightly different path now I think.

On a different site, I write video-game reviews. I’d like to do that for Masterpiece & 3rd Party Masterpiece Transformers.
If that isn’t what you’re here for, then;

  1. You’ve been waiting for 3 years?! Get a hobby.


  2. It’s frankly my page, so… there.

Look out, as coming soon I’m hoping to throw some words down for the MP Transformers I’ve managed to collect so far.



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