Black Friday, how racist.

How racist indeed. I hope that the Americans, now that they’re forcing their crappy “traditions” down the UK’s throats, are considering a Native American Tuesday or a Latino Wednesday.

When did the UK become the USA’s 51st State? I’ll tell you when, when the UK Government decided to reliquish it’s backbone. There’s been a campaign on certain social media sites, about how the UK Prime Minister should go for various backsliding on promises made during elections. A campaign that’s making it quite clear that, for the social media movement at least, the elitist attitudes of those elected is wearing thin.

Quite why we’re surprised at an elitist politician breaking pre-election promises is beyond me, however. Of course they’ll make promises to try to get them in power & then break them in a broad and sweeping motion.

Going back to the original point, the UK has been slowly turning into the US for a few years now. The Mainstream Media dumb everything down for the masses & the masses, to be fair, need it. I remember how life used to be when I was younger & I despair at how the youger generations of today are led around by the nose thanks to these faceless monopolies.

How do we get our country back from this brink of intellectual disaster? Stop idolising the ‘morals’ and the lifestyle in America. Is it so simple? Probably, but try telling the tracksuited, baseball capped, Sports World sponsored slack-lipped youths , getting high off Jeremy Kyle appearances, that.

Maybe it is time for the Elite to wipe the ‘tards out, if only to spare us the mass drop in the collective intellect of the country as a whole.

You want a case in point? Watch ‘Benefits Britain’. Scabrous, alcohol and cigarette addicted drop-outs with no jobs, no hope and totally dependant on the handouts that the goverment give them. Despite being in debt to the tune of thousands because of the bedroom tax levied by the UK government, they can all afford to buy their liquor and tobacco, and to keep dogs. Yet they whine and bitch about being owed something by a society that has abandoned them from the government down because the scroungers themselves don’t really give a toss.
Cameron barks on about being in it together. When the gulf between those that have and those that haven’t is so wide, how can he even think to claim that? Is he so blind as to not be able to see it, or are his millions and his direct lineage to royalty clouding his ideals. Perthaps he doesn’t see it, perhaps he’s just another of the idiots.

Black Friday? Go & fight over your £199 TV that you can buy for £169 online, morons.

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