It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s ..

.. a small scientific lander named after an Egyptian temple complex that was moved onto an island when the Aswan High Dam was built.

Did you know that? It houses the temple of Isis and was formerly Agilkia Island. The Low Dam partially flooded the ancient site and UNESCO moved it before the High Dam was constructed.

So, if Philae is associated with Isis, is this lander an attempt to colonise comet 67P in the name of Islam?

Do we need the Americans to start defending the rights of the cometanians, as they clearly have no concept of the dangers that it faces if Isis ever get a foothold on this remote outcrop?

Perhaps we should encourage this extremist Islamist group to converge in full military glory on passing asteroids and comets, all bound for a fervent fiery death by heading into the sun. Couldn’t think of a more fitting end for a particularly backwards faction of a religion, from a choice of backward religions.

So, what is religion, really? I applaud people for having a belief, for sticking to it and for planning their life through the ‘teachings’ of a disciple, prophet or magic Jew but if I can’t touch it, talk to it and expect an answer back from it, then it’s not real. Jesus simply had a ruthless editor and a good publicist. The core of the majority of popular religions is the same, bow down, conform, follow the teachings, worship, punish those who don’t believe or a fiery, hellish demise will befall you.

Simple. Do this or suffer. That’s not something I can subscribe to. Money is another harsh religion & unless you want to live on a self-sufficient commune, it’s a religion that, although doesn’t expect subservience, is a much harsher master than any imaginary omni-present being.

Good luck to Philae, couldn’t think of a nicer place to set up home.

The other expanantion is, of course, that this is a real life game of Defender.

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