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City Ground life?

I’m trying to steer away from making too many football related rants on here to be perfectly honest. It’s never an easy thing being a Forest fan. You’re a mushroom, with all the cliches that come with being a mushroom.

Billy Davies, sacked, Schteeeve McClaren replaced him almost immediately. Promises of players to replace the 8 or so we lost from last season and promises to recruit a recognised left back, a position we seem to have been short of for over 3 years. A lot has happened in the last few weeks at the City Ground. Our chairman has confirmed he is on Twitter and is conversing with the fans, who are in the main, treating him with respect, but there are deep divisions in the fanbase. There are vehement pro and anti-Doughty campaigners, although there are many who agree that Mark Arthur’s role at the club should be under review. My main worry is open internet warfare on Twitter & other social networking sites. There have already been several heated exchanges from both sides, usually ending in total disagreement.

Nigel Doughty has this week, released an interview he did with Forest World and with the Nottingham Evening Post citing the soon to be introduced Financial Fair Play rule that was agreed in principal by the NPower Championship clubs in June. This is realistically going to take at least 6 months from concept to preliminary rule agreement from all clubs and I for one cannot see how this can affect the current season’s transfer dealings for Forest. As he has said in his Twitter feed, it is a case of striking a balance in the club, but the big question to Nigel Doughty is, do we do that now and make sure our books are in order before the rules change and in doing so risk the good team progression that we have seen in the last couple of seasons. Or, as many Forest fans will want, I’m sure, do we go for it now, splash some cash and ensure promotion to the promised land as East Midlands nothing club Leicester seem to be doing?

The misdirection we appear to get concerning transfers is also worrying. Does this stem from malicious and slipshod journalism, or is a case of chinese whispers coming from the Press Office, aimed to build false hope, resulting in season ticket sales? We as a club have been linked with a number of players over the summer, none of which, other then Wayne Routledge, have been confirmed or denied by the club. Verhoek, Matvas, Giles Barnes, Anthony Gardner, Tsepo Masilela, Goodwillie, Stuart Parnaby, Thimothee Atouba, the list appears endless. Yet we have managed to attract 3 new players to stem the exodus that happened at the end of last season. So you have to ask yourself, is this smoke & mirrors from the club or are we trying and we just aren’t as an attractive prospect as the fans know we are. Is it the fans fault. I saw first hand, the messages that were sent to Routledge’s Twitter account when Forest were linked with him. Some were encouraging, most unsettling. Is this the way we want people, especially potential signings, to percieve fans of the mighty Reds? I thought not.

All this being said, Forest have had a decent pre-season, with victories over Northampton, Lincoln, Ilkeston town and a strong VfB Stuttgart, losing only to a Spurs XI and Dutch giants PSV. We are looking assured with Boateng in the middle and benefitting from Andy Reid once more. Things are slightly looking up on the pitch, even if we are light in some areas, including the standing joke that is a Forest left back, but it’s behind the scenes where the darkness falls again. What must Steve McClaren and his newly assembled backroom staff be thinking at this moment in time, regarding the promises made to get him to sign and the fulfillment of those promises now? Looking from the outside, in, it’s looking increasingly like McClaren has been sold up the river, and he’ll either dig his heels in and bring the best out of what we have, or we’ll slide into obscurity for another season. As a lifelong fan, I hope it’s the former.

Bring on the new season. Come on you Reds!

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