Well, that didn’t last long did it?

No, that’s not “what she said”. I’m talking about my foray into noting down some thoughts on my Masterpiece TF collection.
Truth be told, there are many, and my time has been short.

I was heaped upon at work, no excuse really, but commuting a couple of hours each day added to my weariness. I was also looking for a new role & I’m thankful to have found a new position, in an industry that I have a great deal  of interest in, and a lot closer to where I live.
The net result is that I am finally starting to enjoy life again.

Does this mean that I’ll be writing up my reviews of my MP collection? Probably not. I might have a go at some of the more major figures, MP10 Optimus, MP36 Megatron. You know the score.


Not that anyone reads this shitty column though, eh?

If you do, what do you want to see? Anything? Nothing? Should I give it up as a bit of a lost cause?

Let me know in the comments.

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Fans Toys FT-15 Willis

So, my first foray into 3rd party masterpiece scale transformers was a Fans Toys product. Truth be told, I was in two minds over Willis and MakeToys RM-02 Gundog. I ended up choosing Willis for two reasons. 1 – he was in stock and 2 – he looks a better representation of G1 Hound than MakeToys’ ‘not skipped leg day’ presentation.



I opened the packing case and nervously slid the shiny box out. The box-art on Willis is great. You get a nice camo-green and gold box with a smart cartoon representation of Hound. The back of the box has a couple of photos of Willis himself with a bio of the ‘bot himself.

Slip the seals and open the cardboard and you’re got a nice secure polystyrene capsule for the bot himself. That’s enough about the box though. Time to get my hands on the robot.

The robot

Willis comes shipped in robot mode. For me, this is awesome and a tragedy all at the same time. Why? Well, as you’d expect, a huge part of owning a new transformer is actually getting to transform the thing. I’ve had to transform him to jeep mode once just to experience a 3rd party take on transformation and to see how Willis looks and feels in alt-mode.
Willis in robot mode, in the flesh (plastic), is glorious. The paint apps on my version are unblemished and smooth. The paint shade between the plastic and the die-cast parts is almost seamless. Willis has a great weight to him in the right places also. He’s not top-heavy, despite the die-cast chest.

Willis’ legs, on my version, seem a little weak. The knees are slightly loose. This makes meaningful poses a little hit and miss. It’s not a figure breaker by any stretch of the imagination, but some ratcheting would’ve been great. The feet have some movement, making stability a little better and the feet are, frankly huge. I wouldn’t want to have to find Willis some slippers that fit, let’s put it that way.

There are a few things with Willis’ arms that are concerning. There’s a flap that goes over the rear of the shoulders that is clearly a bit of an addition from the alt-mode. The arms, despite this, give some great poses. Shoulder the gun, point and shoot, Willis has the lot.


Willis’ alt-mode is a G1 accurate US Army Willy’s jeep. Nice shade of green. My particular model has some issues with roll from the rear wheels. I’m not really that bothered, as for my display, Willis won’t be in alt-mode. Other than that, Willis’ alt-mode looks great for the most part. There are some gaps in the floor of the vehicle. From the side, you can’t see it. Chuck some accessories on him, and you’ll be far too busy driving him up and down, pretending Spiderman is fooling some daft G.I. to get the Autobots to the doors of the Decepticon’s base.


Willis’ transformation is, compared to some of the other masterpiece range, a bit of a faff. Getting the chest\bonnet and head affair all flush took more time and a lot more swearing than I expected. Everyone was mentioning the legs, but I found them quite accommodating. It was satisfying, to get him all tabbed-in and smart, but ultimately, I probably won’t transform him again unless I really have to.


Willis comes with the following accessories, all designed to give you the best and most authentic G1 cartoon experience.

  • White faced head. Slide the equipped silver faced head off and replace it with this for a different, almost goth-look.
  • Spare wheel. Handy if Willis gets a puncture. You can hang it off the rear of the alt-mode, or off the rear of Willis in robot mode. It’s green.
  • Clear face-mask. Yes, they’ve actually included an accessory featured once in the cartoon.
  • Gas can. Just like the G1 toy, Willis comes with a gas can that clips on to the back of the jeep mode. Handy if you’re running out of juice.
  • 2x hand guns. That’s right 2! One is cartoon accurate and the other is more toy accurate. The toy accurate rifle also doubles as an alternate jeep vehicle gun.
  • Black vehicle machine gun. What army jeep isn’t complete without a platform mounted machine gun?
  • Shoulder missile launcher. Sadly, this doesn’t launch any projectiles, but it does look the part.


Fans Toys FT-15 Willis, is a fantastic figure. There’s a definite Willis \ MakeToys Gundog split in the fanbase, which is fine. I’m firmly in the Willis camp, not only because I have him, but because he’s got a beautiful weight to him, with great articulation and paint apps. The knees on mine are a little loose but he can still hold a pose. Transformation is a bit of a faff, but to get the opportunity to feel Willis in alt-mode once, it’s worth it, even if you will spend more time on the steps than you’ll probably want to. Would I recommend Willis? Why, yes. Yes I would.


So, what do you think? Comment below if you like the format, would make changes, disagree, agree, don’t care or have some stellar betting tips.

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Well, it’s been a few months (OK, years) since I last logged in on here. Things have changed a bit haven’t they?
Firstly, I’m surprised I remembered my log-in details. The synthahol doesn’t agree with my microchips any more. Now that I’m back in, perhaps, along with the changes that have happened in the World, Grimlock should act his age a little bit and stop airing his rude bits?
Perhaps this little area should take a different direction altogether. Now that I’ve recalled my log in, I could rant away about the new US President and his egotistical mental attitude, or the ‘every minor bleeding-heart celeb wanting their two-penneth worth on Brexit’ situation.
Perhaps not.

I could also rant on about Nottingham Forest.

I won’t.

I want to take The Wrath of Grimlock down a slightly different path now I think.

On a different site, I write video-game reviews. I’d like to do that for Masterpiece & 3rd Party Masterpiece Transformers.
If that isn’t what you’re here for, then;

  1. You’ve been waiting for 3 years?! Get a hobby.


  2. It’s frankly my page, so… there.

Look out, as coming soon I’m hoping to throw some words down for the MP Transformers I’ve managed to collect so far.



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Black Friday, how racist.

How racist indeed. I hope that the Americans, now that they’re forcing their crappy “traditions” down the UK’s throats, are considering a Native American Tuesday or a Latino Wednesday.

When did the UK become the USA’s 51st State? I’ll tell you when, when the UK Government decided to reliquish it’s backbone. There’s been a campaign on certain social media sites, about how the UK Prime Minister should go for various backsliding on promises made during elections. A campaign that’s making it quite clear that, for the social media movement at least, the elitist attitudes of those elected is wearing thin.

Quite why we’re surprised at an elitist politician breaking pre-election promises is beyond me, however. Of course they’ll make promises to try to get them in power & then break them in a broad and sweeping motion.

Going back to the original point, the UK has been slowly turning into the US for a few years now. The Mainstream Media dumb everything down for the masses & the masses, to be fair, need it. I remember how life used to be when I was younger & I despair at how the youger generations of today are led around by the nose thanks to these faceless monopolies.

How do we get our country back from this brink of intellectual disaster? Stop idolising the ‘morals’ and the lifestyle in America. Is it so simple? Probably, but try telling the tracksuited, baseball capped, Sports World sponsored slack-lipped youths , getting high off Jeremy Kyle appearances, that.

Maybe it is time for the Elite to wipe the ‘tards out, if only to spare us the mass drop in the collective intellect of the country as a whole.

You want a case in point? Watch ‘Benefits Britain’. Scabrous, alcohol and cigarette addicted drop-outs with no jobs, no hope and totally dependant on the handouts that the goverment give them. Despite being in debt to the tune of thousands because of the bedroom tax levied by the UK government, they can all afford to buy their liquor and tobacco, and to keep dogs. Yet they whine and bitch about being owed something by a society that has abandoned them from the government down because the scroungers themselves don’t really give a toss.
Cameron barks on about being in it together. When the gulf between those that have and those that haven’t is so wide, how can he even think to claim that? Is he so blind as to not be able to see it, or are his millions and his direct lineage to royalty clouding his ideals. Perthaps he doesn’t see it, perhaps he’s just another of the idiots.

Black Friday? Go & fight over your £199 TV that you can buy for £169 online, morons.

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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s ..

.. a small scientific lander named after an Egyptian temple complex that was moved onto an island when the Aswan High Dam was built.

Did you know that? It houses the temple of Isis and was formerly Agilkia Island. The Low Dam partially flooded the ancient site and UNESCO moved it before the High Dam was constructed.

So, if Philae is associated with Isis, is this lander an attempt to colonise comet 67P in the name of Islam?

Do we need the Americans to start defending the rights of the cometanians, as they clearly have no concept of the dangers that it faces if Isis ever get a foothold on this remote outcrop?

Perhaps we should encourage this extremist Islamist group to converge in full military glory on passing asteroids and comets, all bound for a fervent fiery death by heading into the sun. Couldn’t think of a more fitting end for a particularly backwards faction of a religion, from a choice of backward religions.

So, what is religion, really? I applaud people for having a belief, for sticking to it and for planning their life through the ‘teachings’ of a disciple, prophet or magic Jew but if I can’t touch it, talk to it and expect an answer back from it, then it’s not real. Jesus simply had a ruthless editor and a good publicist. The core of the majority of popular religions is the same, bow down, conform, follow the teachings, worship, punish those who don’t believe or a fiery, hellish demise will befall you.

Simple. Do this or suffer. That’s not something I can subscribe to. Money is another harsh religion & unless you want to live on a self-sufficient commune, it’s a religion that, although doesn’t expect subservience, is a much harsher master than any imaginary omni-present being.

Good luck to Philae, couldn’t think of a nicer place to set up home.

The other expanantion is, of course, that this is a real life game of Defender.

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All’s well that ends

If you’ve ever, ever rented a property through a letting agent, you’ll understand my next rant. Indeed, you’ll have probably gone through this at some point with them yourself.

Today’s grumble comes directly from the “trying to get your deposit back” drawer of frustrated anguish.

We moved on the 20th of September this year. When we did, we left not only a really nice 2 bedroom flat on the south coast, but also one of the most unscrupulous, deceitful, unprofessional letting agents I’ve ever had the misfortune to deal with.

So, notice to vacate handed in, we checked our Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement and noted that it stated in the deposit return section, “10 working days”. All mention of the deposit return in any of the documentation only mentions that magic 10 working days. So, we thought, once we’d moved, we  should have our deposit back by October 3rd, minimum.

October the 3rd came, and went, without any form of contact in my inbox. A confused me called the letting agent and asked them, politely at first, what the hell was happening.

“Waiting for the Out-check”, came the reply.. “Wait, what? Everything was supposed to be finalised by now & you haven’t completed the out-check yet?”

“It’s been done, we’re waiting for it to be typed and emailed to us.”

“Hang on, it’s been done? Weren’t we supposed to have at least been invited to it? ”

“Not sure.”

This wasn’t what I was expecting at all. Or was it? The truth is, we’d dealt with the office functions of this company before. They were less useful than a London Mayor at a child sex abuse inquiry. The unprofessionalism we’d already encountered had seeped down from director-level like a befouled mayonnaise dripping down the back of the fridge.

I called again a few days later and managed to get the out-check emailed to us. Another call to them, you’ll notice that all the pushing & cajoling was coming from one way here. It was pretty clear that there were obvious signs of delaying tactics coming from the letting agents. They seemed to be finding new and interesting deliberate ways of not giving us the money we had entrusted them to not burn a flat down to the ground.

I eventually managed to get someone to take some form of ownership of our predicament and by this stage I’d got their number on speed-dial. The local kebab-house were getting funny as I wasn’t calling them any more. This lasted for a maximum of 4 days…

After hearing nothing for a further week, I emailed my ‘contact’ at the office and was informed that my ‘contact’ had changed due to an office move-around. I fervently hoped that this was because they had decided to tell the company to stick their policies, procedures and job up their unprofessional arse. Sadly, for that individual, it was a simple office move-around, that they hadn’t communicated to us, and that we had to push for information out of.

It turned out to be a slight blessing in disguise as it happened. Our new contact imposed a deadline on the owner to claim for any damage & if nothing came up, we’d get our moolah back asap. Bearing in mind that time-wise, this was now 24 working days after vacating, twice the recognised timescale for deposit return, we were fairly happy to have that deadline. We waited.

No contact from the owner overnight, we’d already agreed a return method of BACs and so our contact confirmed the amount to be returned. A charge that we were expecting & a charge that we had already had confirmed was going to be dismissed.

We got them to reissue the paper-work without that charge and were told that their policy was to have to “wait until they had a certain number of these before accounts would process them”

I asked if it could be hurried any further, “No” came the reply the next day, “but it has gone to accounts now.” I wondered how much longer this was going to take, to be told that it would likely be another 3 working days, which took it into the middle of the following week. We waited again.

Wednesday of the following week, we received a cheque, for the wrong amount. We were furious. They had included the dismissed charge and had payed us by completely the incorrect method. Emails and phone calls later, we had assurances that this would be rectified as soon as possible, that day, and to not cash the cheque.

We waited again. I complained to one of the Directors of the company. She had a brief moment to “look into” the issue and authorised the return of the deposit citing ” a delay caused by the owner wanting to extend their claim” as the cause of the delay, but hang on. The dates in the final sequence of events were consecutive days, where was the delay? We got a call from the employee who’d promised that the process was started the day prior, asking us to email in and confirm we would not cash the incorrect cheque before he could process our returned deposit. Furious again, another day lost, again.

I returned the email to the director, pointing out to her the timeline and requesting clarification on where she understood that delay to have come from, pointing out also that our complaint hasn’t been resolved and that really, we deserve some recompense for the delay, the lies, the incompetence & the arrogance of the company to even think that we’d be taken for mugs by them.

Today, we received our deposit back. 32 working days, that’s right, working days after we vacated the property. Three times longer than it should have taken.

We’re still waiting for the director to respond to the complaint satisfactorily too. I seriously doubt this will happen.

So, a word to the wise my hard-rocking amigos, don’t take lettings agent reviews as gospel, and don’t, whatever you do believe anything that comes out of their slimy mouths. They lie, they cheat, they change the rules, they ignore parts of their own contracts to try to keep the money that you have entrusted to them, as their customers. They’re unscrupulous wankers, and they know it.

Next time, I’m going to try swimming to the moon, it’ll be easier.

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Ebola, it’s an enema

My test results have come back.

I’ve failed the Ebola test. I’m not quite sure how this has happened. I revised & revised and took so many mocking tests, listened to the audio diarrhea that is X-Factor, but no. I’ve failed my Ebola test.

Disappointed is not the word, although it is a word. As is ‘Astrology’, yet Astrology means the same as diarrhea, the result is the same, runny result that it’s always been.

The way that the Forest back four played on Saturday, you could be forgiven to think that they all suspected each other of having Ebola, and of keying each others’ motors. Disjointed, no cohesion, massive spaces in between, no communication only in a frosty silence way.

No cohesion, we’re back to diarrhea again. In a Halloween weekend brightened by my brother-in-law passing out noisily in our bathroom and mangling our washing basket, football has given me little to cheer about, so I thought I’d have a grumble on here, because it’s cathartic, because talking about it helps, because I want to.

And while I’m at it, I’m not sure that this place should be simply a rant about how poor a football team has been for the last 9 games, I’m looking for some inspiration to rant about something, or to simply get a point across, or for contributions. I don’t mind letting someone else take the reins for a little bit. But not for too long mind, it’s my petrol in this car.

So, comments are encouraged, yeah, even abusive ones. Your mum.

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Resurrection, I am…

Wow, has it really been over 3 years since I updated anything on here?

A lot has happened in those intervening years, but one thing remains the same, despite threatening to prove otherwise on a couple of occasions, my team, Nottingham Forest are still shit.

I’ve written for a couple of online games’ mags, been to the launch of a AAA title in Halo 4 in Luxembourg, seen Forest taken over by a wealthy Kuwaiti family, watched the return and subsequent meltdown of Billy Davies, been present at some good & some awful football matches and observed the return of a true Forest legend in Stuart Pearce, hopefully to lead the club back to glory.

On the back of this, I’ve also returned from my self-imposed exile in the overpriced south, to return to the land of my birth in the East Midlands.

It’s been a busy few years & I’ve not had the opportunity to carry this on, but now, I just might, although I can’t really remember what I intended for this site to achieve if I’m completely honest, so I might go with whatever takes my fancy. Not that anyone actually reads this, I suspect.

Hmm, we’ll see. I’m trying to resist commenting on football based subjects, after 2 defeats on the trot with little in the way of passion, I’m not sure I’m in the right frame of mind for that and there’s bound to be something else that will peak my outrage.

Let’s wait and see.

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Oh, how a month changes things

So, a month and a half on from my last post and how have Forest fared? 2 wins from 9 matches, 2 draws and 5 defeats, -9 in the goal difference column and 20th in the Championship.

Where do I start on how abject the performances have been so far? Let’s take each game as it came, an uninspiring 0-0 draw with Barnsley to kick the season off,  with Notts County in the cup coming next, where we managed to scrape a 3-3 in the dying embers of extra time, to go and win it on penalties. This was followed by a sluggish 2-0 defeat to an average Millwall side, where we had no drive and no impetus. Next came a scrappy away win at rock-bottom Doncaster, who shortly after, parted company with their long serving manager.  What follows is a litany of the depths to that we have fallen. A 2-2 draw with the Bin-dippers, a 4-1 win in the cup, then the 1-4 drubbing from West Ham, where our lack of ambition was exposed. Since then, it seems our confidence has dribbled out of our boots. A 3-2 loss at high-flying Southampton followed swiftly by a 2-1 home defeat to our bitterest rivals who were reduced to 10 men from as early as the 2nd minute. We responded with a decent performance against a largely 2nd string Newcastle side in the 4-3 cup defeat and promptly won 1-0, in what I can only describe as one of the worst matches I’ve seen, on TV away to Watford. Then came last night, away to Burnley. I’ve never seen a Forest team lie down and take one as much as last night. I’ve been a Forest fan for over 30 years, seen some incredible highs;  7-0 drubbing of Chelsea, 7-1 hammering of Sheff Weds,  and some depressing defeats, 8-2 to Man Utd, Blackburn 7 -0, the cup final defeat to Spurs. Last night however, was the most depressing.

Why? Well, it’s the manner of the defeat, the lask of passion, drive. None of the team looked like they wanted to be on the pitch, never mind in the shirt. 5 defenders on the pitch in a 5-3-2 wing-back formation that was completely exploited by Burnley’s wingers. We were 2 down after 15 minutes and the game was won from there. We caved in, there’s no other explanation for it. Their tactics found out our defence cannot defend crosses, despite three 6 foot + central defenders. The wing-backs were exposed for the entire match and if it wasn’t for a goal-line cleareance it could’ve been worse. Steve’s response was to haul off Gunter, arguably one of our better players and only recognised right back and replace with Findley, leaving a left back at centre, a centre at right back and a right back at left back. Needless to say two more goals followed.

Now you would have expected McClaren, with his team 4-0 down at half time, to go storming into the dressing room, lock the door and lay into the players for what can only be described as a school team performance. No, Steve sat, disconsolate, in the away dugout as Rob Kelly & Jimmy-Floyd tried to cajole, to stir a second half fightback from Forest, then promptly sent them back out to face the fans’ wrath after around 8 minutes of the half time interval. Burnley, already with the game in the bag, seemingly took their foot off the pedal and we scored a lucky ‘bad back-pass latch on’ through Miller. Then the 4 goal cushion was restored and the match fizzled out into it’s inevitable climax. I don’t know what would have been louder, the full-time booing, the cackling laughter from a certain part of Glasgow or the combined laughter from the other end of the A52.

I maybe should give this a little more background. In the summer Forest sacked Billy Davies, a manager who had taken an average Forest side, stopped them sliding straight back into League 1 and made them believe they were league beaters, right up until their annual Play-off cave-in. On that journey he ruffled more than a few feathers, annoyed the board and owners and endeared himslef to the fans with his passion and will to win. Nigel Doughty replaced him with ex-England and ‘Boro manager Steve McClaren who had partially rebuilt his reputation by guiding Twente to the Dutch title. Chief Exec Mark Arthur publicly promised backing for the new man and we, the fans, sat hopeful of the signings and good times to come, even if some were more than a little reserved at the appointment of one who flopped so badly with the choice of England’s finest at his disposal. The close-season rolled on, with McClaren appearing to become more & more frustrated at the lack of players that were coming in, until we signed Andy Reid. A few weeks, and after being connected with big money signings, we captured Jonathan Greening for a nominal fee, swiftly followed by two more strikers, when we all knew we needed defensive cover.

A promising Dutch winger looked to be coming to us, until a very mysterious change of heart at the last minute, which apparantely took everyone at the club by surprise. Deadline day came and passed, with no players in & Garner out to Watford. Rumours quickly spread about McClaren being disillusioned with the board & the club and reportedly, he considered his future after little more than 2 months in charge. Very publicly denying the reports, McClaren pledged to finish the job. this was then followed by one of the worst performances in the clubs recent history with the defeat to bitter local rivals, reduced to 10 men from the start of the match and squandering a 1 goal lead. McClaren responded by making the players watch the carnage and we rallied against Newcastle, but lost. The defeats we can take, we can’t win all the time, it’s the manner of the defeats. I’ve never seen a Forest team capitulate like the current team. It’s not so baffling when you consider that the playing staff remain largely the same in defence, the difference is the tactics. Everyone can see it apart from the manager. McClaren has cited ‘behind the scenes issues’ with the players, lack of investment and a lack of passion from the players. Steve, if passion is what they lack, surely it is down to the management to prepare them correctly for every game, to ensure we have the available personnel in the best position for them, and play to our strengths. Five at the back didn’t really work at Watford, we got lucky, it certainly didn’t work at Burnley. Surely now McClaren is on borrowed time at Forest. The only worry now is, which direction will Doughty and his cronies turn for new hope of salvation and how quickly will this task take them. Never usually one to make quick decisive action, Forest’s short-term future looks in dire need of inspiration and McClaren falls far short of inspiration amongst the fans. He badly needs a performance from the players to keep him at the club, if indeed he wants to stay, which is looking more and more unlikely. The problem is, I don’t think the players want to play for him. He looks to have lost the dressing room and he’s certainly lost the fans. How long until he loses his position?

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Confidence, is a preference of the habitual voyeur

.. of what is known as….

City Ground life?

I’m trying to steer away from making too many football related rants on here to be perfectly honest. It’s never an easy thing being a Forest fan. You’re a mushroom, with all the cliches that come with being a mushroom.

Billy Davies, sacked, Schteeeve McClaren replaced him almost immediately. Promises of players to replace the 8 or so we lost from last season and promises to recruit a recognised left back, a position we seem to have been short of for over 3 years. A lot has happened in the last few weeks at the City Ground. Our chairman has confirmed he is on Twitter and is conversing with the fans, who are in the main, treating him with respect, but there are deep divisions in the fanbase. There are vehement pro and anti-Doughty campaigners, although there are many who agree that Mark Arthur’s role at the club should be under review. My main worry is open internet warfare on Twitter & other social networking sites. There have already been several heated exchanges from both sides, usually ending in total disagreement.

Nigel Doughty has this week, released an interview he did with Forest World and with the Nottingham Evening Post citing the soon to be introduced Financial Fair Play rule that was agreed in principal by the NPower Championship clubs in June. This is realistically going to take at least 6 months from concept to preliminary rule agreement from all clubs and I for one cannot see how this can affect the current season’s transfer dealings for Forest. As he has said in his Twitter feed, it is a case of striking a balance in the club, but the big question to Nigel Doughty is, do we do that now and make sure our books are in order before the rules change and in doing so risk the good team progression that we have seen in the last couple of seasons. Or, as many Forest fans will want, I’m sure, do we go for it now, splash some cash and ensure promotion to the promised land as East Midlands nothing club Leicester seem to be doing?

The misdirection we appear to get concerning transfers is also worrying. Does this stem from malicious and slipshod journalism, or is a case of chinese whispers coming from the Press Office, aimed to build false hope, resulting in season ticket sales? We as a club have been linked with a number of players over the summer, none of which, other then Wayne Routledge, have been confirmed or denied by the club. Verhoek, Matvas, Giles Barnes, Anthony Gardner, Tsepo Masilela, Goodwillie, Stuart Parnaby, Thimothee Atouba, the list appears endless. Yet we have managed to attract 3 new players to stem the exodus that happened at the end of last season. So you have to ask yourself, is this smoke & mirrors from the club or are we trying and we just aren’t as an attractive prospect as the fans know we are. Is it the fans fault. I saw first hand, the messages that were sent to Routledge’s Twitter account when Forest were linked with him. Some were encouraging, most unsettling. Is this the way we want people, especially potential signings, to percieve fans of the mighty Reds? I thought not.

All this being said, Forest have had a decent pre-season, with victories over Northampton, Lincoln, Ilkeston town and a strong VfB Stuttgart, losing only to a Spurs XI and Dutch giants PSV. We are looking assured with Boateng in the middle and benefitting from Andy Reid once more. Things are slightly looking up on the pitch, even if we are light in some areas, including the standing joke that is a Forest left back, but it’s behind the scenes where the darkness falls again. What must Steve McClaren and his newly assembled backroom staff be thinking at this moment in time, regarding the promises made to get him to sign and the fulfillment of those promises now? Looking from the outside, in, it’s looking increasingly like McClaren has been sold up the river, and he’ll either dig his heels in and bring the best out of what we have, or we’ll slide into obscurity for another season. As a lifelong fan, I hope it’s the former.

Bring on the new season. Come on you Reds!

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